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Advanced Funeral Wishes

An increasing number of people are preparing their funeral ceremonies in advance. This allows them to have a very personal in-put as well as saving their families the stress and indecision that comes from not knowing what their loved one wanted.

If you would like to talk about or plan your own funeral I can help with this. It can be very useful for family and friends to have a guide to your wishes when the time comes.

I offer a consultation service that will allow you and your family to be prepared. I will lead you through the many options and at the end you will have a completed Funeral Wishes booklet which you can lodge with your will or give to an appointed person. There are so many ways to celebrate our lives. Think out of the box (pardon the pun) and feel comforted by the fact that you can get it sorted.

Lets sit down, plan your funeral, it makes sense!


Funeral Wishes consultation £90 (takes approx 3 hours)