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Baby Naming


What is a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies offer a unique opportunity to:

  •     welcome a child/children into the community;
  •     affirm a duty of care to a child/children in front of witnesses of close family and friends
  •     appoint supporting adults who will promise a special responsibility for the child/children
  •     strengthen family and relationships by providing the opportunity to meet together.

A naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating your child’s birth.

What happens?

Specially written ceremonies are available containing choices to make your naming ceremony unique with special meaning to your family. The following elements can be included in a ceremony:

Standard Elements

  •     Welcome                                                                                                                                           Juli Moran in a Baby Naming
  •     Reading/Poems
  •     Naming ceremony
  •     Parent’s promises
  •     Supporter’s promises
  •     A toast of celebration
  •     Closing words

Additional elements

  •     Reasons for the names
  •     Hopes for the future
  •     Parent’s vows to each other
  •     Grandparent’s promises
  •     Absent guests
  •     Further reading

The ceremony usually lasts between 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the number of elements.

Who can be named?

Whilst a naming ceremony is normally performed for babies, children of any age are eligible.

When can a ceremony take place?

Ceremonies can be held at any time by prior arrangement.

Where can ceremonies be held?

Naming ceremonies can take place at most venues (village halls, hotels, your own home etc). It is also possible to hold ceremonies outdoors.

Throughout history, in countries all over the world, ceremonies have been used to mark important events in people’s lives. An occasion of this kind can be very helpful.

At a naming ceremony, the parents and guide parents have the opportunity to publicly declare their love and support for their child from this day forward. This commitment is made amongst their family and friends in a meaningful and significant way.

My FeesGift vouchers are available. A lovely gift for family and friends.                            

Writing  a ceremonial script and public speaking at the event – £180

(plus travel expenses @ 45p per mile)


If you would like to find out more or book a ceremony, please contact me