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Massage Reviews

Your professional  approach and  calmness puts me at ease. I received a deep tissue massage and after taking my case history, you  explained the procedures and reasons for them. You also explained how taking my case history  will enable you to direct your efforts to maximising my benefit from the treatment. During treatment, good communication continued as you enquired about my well being and pressure levels  which you were able to alter with remarkable sensitivity. At no point did I experience pain or discomfort . After the treatment you informed me of what you’d done and what you found, (tense muscles etc). I felt very relaxed afterwards and nimble. The calmness continued for many days and I’ve enjoyed a day of manual work without any aches or pains, particularly back & neck, which is marvellous, thank you. Perhaps I could book myself in for another session, I think a regular massage like that is what I need. Your treatment room has a great atmosphere with warmth, scent, sounds and very welcoming. Many thanks.

Thank you for the deep tissue massage which I really enjoyed.
When I arrived the treatment room was very warm and cosy. Juli was ready and welcoming.  A drink was offered and we talked for a while about my health and family heath history.  She explained to me thoroughly what we were going to do and what deep tissue massage was and what type of oil she was using.
The couch was warm and comfortable.  First there was a soft massage to warm up the muscles – which was lovely and I was surprised at how wonderful it felt.  Then she moved onto the deeper massage which felt so good. It was only twice that the pressure was approaching uncomfortable and I found it easy to tell Juli about it and she responded well.  The moves seem to naturally work around my body until it was time to finish.  It had taken 50 minutes but I couldn’t  believe how fast it seemed to have passed.

Juli left me for a while to rest and get dressed.  Then we had a cup of tea together and discussed the massage.  It was quite a revelation to me and I was completely relaxed, comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.  Juli was always concerned about my comfort and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable both physically and emotionally. A true professional. It was wonderful and I would certainly do it again.

Thank you Juli



Thank you so much for my treatment. I was very impressed on how thorough you were on the observation of my spine and posture assessment, the circulation test and skin assessment. I enjoyed the massage and the whole experience was really good from start to finish.

The room was lovely, very cosy and warm, the ambience was perfect and I felt you communicated very clearly from the start. I felt you were very good at asking how things were for me and looking after my well being, as well as giving me a superb massage.

The techniques you employed worked really well for me and the whole thing flowed beautifully, I never at any time felt that I had anything to worry about and found it easy to put my trust in you from the start and it was no surprise that you did such a fine job.

Having never had a deep tissue massage before I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. At no time did I feel that the pressure was too strong or painful, and you regularly asked whether I was comfortable with the way you were working which made me feel extremely well cared for.

After the treatment I felt amazing and would definitely come back for more in the future and would recommend it to others.

Really enjoyable, thank you so much Juli