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Reiki reviews


Stuart – Llanfyllin, Powys

Have you ever wanted to experience the wonderful feelings that accompany deep meditation and complete relaxation and a pure feeling of undeniable love for everything and everyone around you?  Sounds like Reiki is calling  and no one has as much reiki flowing through them as Juli. Life changer and all round special lady. 



Annabel – Shaftesbury, Dorset

I have been a  Reiki Teacher for 15 years and was delighted to find Juli. Following a careful consultation, her Reiki treatments  take me to that other precious place that is so rare to find in the chaos of every day life. I found her training in Reiki allowed her to work in a very instinctive way. As a therapist I am particularly hard to please and was amazed at how quickly I relaxed in Juli’s expert healing hands. Not only did she give me an incredible Reiki treatment but she held a sacred space that allowed me to truly let go.

If you are after a truly divine Reiki session and want to let go of the stress and strain of every day life then Juli is the person to see.


Reiki Training


Jane Agnew

Jane – Powys, Wales

I experienced a beautiful two days receiving my Reiki training with Juli, in her warm, comfortable, nurturing home. The training Juli gave us was thorough and informative, with opportunities for everyone in the small group to practise giving and receiving Reiki treatments. The caring, creative nature of the training ensured that the information was accessible to all and Juli ensured each member of the group had a sound, confident understanding of their Reiki practice; she was relaxed and flexible in adapting the training, in order to suit the individual needs of each member of the group.
It is a training that I will never forget and feel grateful to have experienced such a magical couple of days, allowing time for self reflection, fun, and wonderful company in Juli and my fellow group peers. Thank you Juli!

ruth weston



Ruth – Powys, Wales

Juli’s Reiki training for me combined the experience of a retreat with life coaching. She takes you on a journey that explores your deep spirituality and enables you to express it in a life giving way via reiki. Her days bring healing to your soul as well as giving you tools for the healing of both yourself and others. I have found her training transformative on many levels bringing light and healing to me and my loved ones.


Kathryn Lowe

Kathryn – Blandford, Dorset

I started my reiki journey with Juli. Initially I went to one of her ‘reiki shares’: a great opportunity to find out about reiki and experience its effects. Reiki can be difficult to explain in words, but by spending time with Juli as she guides you through the practice of reiki, you get to know what it is. I chose to do my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 qualifications with Juli and am now a qualified reiki practitioner. Juli’s reiki courses are run in an informal manner and although there are certain aspects that must be covered, she tailors time in the workshops for you to share your queries and experiences in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Since my time with Juli at reiki shares and workshops, reiki has become an aspect of my life. Once you meet Juli and she starts to guide you on your journey, you notice (often subtle) changes to your everyday life. I now feel much better equipped to manage the inevitable challenges that life will throw at you. Reiki is an excellent tool for deep relaxation and is something I wouldn’t be without in times of stress and anxiety. Juli is very experienced as a teacher and practitioner and I feel very supported as I continue to learn more about reiki and about being a reiki practitioner. Her support does not finish when a workshop finishes, you are able to contact her with queries and she also offers ‘refresher’ workshops – a chance to remind yourself of what you have learnt, share your experiences and the practice of reiki with others.


louise murchie

Louise – Fontmell Magna, Dorset

I have  had the privilege of studying Reiki with Juli.  Her Reiki workshops are full of warmth and energy.  I have found Reiki tremendously helpful in coping with anxiety and many challenging situations.  Reiki is a wonderful gift to share with others.  I cannot recommend Juli highly enough, she is truly inspirational!