Juli Moran – Yoga and therapies in North Powys

Beginners Yoga Llanfyllin Wednesdays 10 – 11am

This class is ideal for beginners or those who have never tried Yoga before. If you think you aren’t flexible enough for Yoga, this class is the one for you!

Time & Venue: Wednesday’s 10 – 11am / Public Institute (opposite Spar)

Class format: It’s a small class (up to 12 people). Warm, friendly, informative and fun. I will make sure you do everything correctly.  We start with a gentle warm up which is important for the muscles and joints in the body. I will explain and demonstrate each Yoga posture and help you if required. If there is a posture you can’t do, that’s ok, I will always be able to suggest an alternative. Relaxation is at the end and lasts approximately 10 minutes. (This is everyone’s favourite bit!)

What to bring: Yoga mat (if you don’t have one, ring me and I’ll bring a spare), Blanket (for relaxation), Water. Wear loose comfy clothes

Parking: Free parking is by the Spar in Llanfyllin

Fees: £5 for your first trial session. After this, pay per term e.g. £35 for 7 weeks.

How to book: 

Call 01691 860283 or 0790 200 8055

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