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There will never be another Yoga class quite like Juli’s!  She is a unique and experienced teacher who brings fun and warmth into every class.


Juli’s class is so much more than yoga; as well as being a wonderful, intuitive and attentive teacher in the practice of yoga, she embraces her classes in a celebration of friendship, spirituality, and dealing with anything that life may throw at you.  Juli is a wonderfully giving person, who enriches the lives of those who are lucky enough to attend her classes.  I have benefitted hugely, both physically and emotionally.



I have been practising yoga with Juli for about two years now and thoroughly enjoy the sessions. She inspires us by making the yoga fun, varied and interesting as well as benefiting our mind, body and spirit.
With her open, friendly manner Juli’s classes are not intimidating but welcoming and we can work to our own level of ability, although she does encourage us to work hard and get the optimum benefit we can.
Juli requests us to leave our daily stresses and worries at the door and use our hour’s session to focus on ourselves, our breathing and our body. Personally, I feel as a result of my practise my body feels stronger and I always feel calm and relaxed by the end of the sessions.
Juli relates to everyone in her class no matter their age and experience, and because of this and the fun we have, we enjoy each other’s company socially as well and this has a positive impact on our small rural community.
I hope Juli continues to teach with such enthusiasm and dedication for a long time to come.


matt deighton

“Each class is tailored on how the individual is feeling that day so everyone gets a chance to practice moves in yoga that suits their needs, be it an achy neck or simply anxiety from a busy day. Juli has a natural touch when it comes to conveying the good in Yoga and the various postures it includes. My experience has been only of positivity and  joy- the class even end up laughing sometimes! I know that when I leave I am far more relaxed than when I had arrived.”



Juli’s Yoga classes keep me flexible. I use some of the learned techniques as quick fixes for neck, shoulder or back ache. Juli is good at adjusting her lesson plan to what people need that day. The atmosphere is friendly, not formal or subdued. Of course, there are quiet times of quiet and concentration, but there’s lots of room for laughter too. These classes are a great way of relaxing after a busy day or getting you moving after long hours at your computer. I say “Try it”


When my wife and I went to our first yoga class we were apprehensive as we did not know what to expect. We needn’t have been concerned as Juli and the other attendees made us most welcome. The reason for us going to Yoga was that we were starting to feel stiff, losing flexibility and wanted some form of exercise. We found that Juli makes all her students welcome and matches her classes to their capabilities. I have personally found that Juli’s technique works for me as she checks for any aliments that may impact on what a student can do and advises on yoga positions and techniques that can help. The classes are conducted in a light hearted and friendly atmosphere where Juli demonstrates the yoga positions and then helps students to achieve them. The last bit of the lesson is relaxation which last for around 10 minutes and is an exercise for relaxing the mind while the body unwinds from the physical exercise that has been done during the class. I have found the classes really good as I have lost many aches that I had and feel more flexible and found that the hour class gives me a break from all the other things going on in the world




An evening of Yoga led by Juli is a balance of challenge and achievement brought about by her close attention to each person’s perceived and expressed needs as developing yogis. Her positive and cheerful approach is uplifting and reassuring taking serious practice into the realms of joyous activity. To be led into the calm in this way is the result of well researched tuition and a confident knowledge of an inner peace and stillness. Thank you.


Yoga classes vary a lot in content and teaching method. Juli’s classes are friendly, well planned and often include new stuff she has discovered. When teaching Yoga, she works hard to improve postures and emphasises incorporating proper breathing and mindfulness in student practice.


Lin W


I can honestly say that of all the yoga teachers I have had,  Juli has been the most inspirational and the one who has had the biggest impact . I now, voluntarily, practise most days. Her patience and lovely sense of humour combine to create the most welcoming and uplifting experience.




Juli Moran is a natural leader and leads her yoga group in complete safety and within professional boundaries but with lots of humour. High on empathy, her person centred approach helps yogis to feel comfortable with disclosing what they choose and that which is relevant to the here and now of the yoga session; for example, her yoga plan is simply a starting point because she shapes the session to fit the needs of individuals. This gives the nature of Juli’s classes a real `aliveness’ and has been instrumental in giving me confidence to be much more `in the moment’ with my own personal yoga practise in relationship to my needs on that particular day.

Because Juli is very experienced in different yoga traditions her sessions are rarely of one form of yoga. She successfully integrates her knowledge into the sessions bringing much wisdom to the asanas which she always leads first with a demonstration. Her presence and strength runs constant throughout as well as clear guidance on where to focus awareness. This gives me confidence to take responsibility for my own experience of the yoga session. She is observant of postures and suggests alternatives where appropriate, particularly where a yogi is in recovery from physical illness, injury or just plain can’t do it. On the other hand, she gives others who are clearly committed to their yoga, guidance on how to take their practise to the next level.

I can’t remember any of Juli’s classes ever being of the same in nature – there is always a little surprise just around the corner. I think this is one of the secrets of Juli’s success – that, and making space for working in silence – something high on my list.

Awareness of the breath is, of course, the foundation to good yoga and Juli makes no apologies for reminding her class to return to the breath.

Juli is an inspiring and thoroughly decent human being.  I could say a lot to summarise, but in short, within teaching/learning relationships there is always an element of luck, and I am lucky to know Juli, because she is more than a little bit special !


louise murchie  Louise

Juli has been my yoga teacher for several years.  Her classes are a joy to attend and I come away feeling totally relaxed and revitalized.  Juli takes care to adapt yoga postures according to our individual needs.  She is an intuitive person who shares her love of life with us all, she also has a great sense of humour.   I always feel uplifted after Juli’s classes –  yoga has made a huge difference to my life.